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Tiny fingers + toes all cozied up in soft + sweet wraps

on a bed of lush layers +textures.

In the moment, time almost stands still in the newborn stage. I remember not believing anyone when they told me how fast it would go. Surely we would live in newborn-hood forever.

Their tiny fingers + toes are only so little for so long.

It's such a beautiful thing, how our babies grow + change into these incredible little humans. But that doesn't mean that we want to forget the littleness, the newness of it all.

I find so much joy in working with clients to plan + capture their own C+T In Home Newborn Collection. In this collection, I bring wraps, layers, textures, and baskets to your home.

Before we begin your session, we will work together to select custom pairings of wraps, baskets, and more to create a dreamy + timeless color palette for your session. We also take a tour of your home together prior to beginning your session, and look for the places in your home with the best lighting + the areas that you feel most comfortable together.

I would love to work with you to document this

beautiful chapter in your story.